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Scott Mutter: A More Perfect World


In his book Surrational Images, Scott Mutter's commentary on this photomontage is uncharacteristically terse: "I prefer to remain silent about this image." In discussing the photograph privately, however, Scott pointed out that it's impossible to see what is on the other side of the revolving door. We wonder: is that a beacon of light coming from the other side -- or just a reflection of where we have been?

To search for meaning in an image such as this, each of us must look inward, seeking answers in our own beliefs and ideas. In many ways, this revolving door could be a metaphor for Scott Mutter's life and work. We enter the door in a quest for understanding or enlightenment. And then we go around, not knowing whether the journey will bring us everything we yearn for-- or only take us back to the very place where we started.

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