"Builders in Line" circa 1961 by A. Aubrey Bodine.  Copyright ©  2001 Jennifer Bodine.  All Rights Reserved.

A. Aubrey Bodine (U.S., 1906-1970): "Builders in Line"

Gelatin Silver Print, 13 x 18 inches, circa 1961.

A. Aubrey Bodine had an illustrious half-century career as a photographer for the Baltimore Sun newspaper. A true American original, he combined reportage with the creative eye of an artist-- achieving results that are still striking today. Bodine's work includes award-winning pictorialist images as well as "straight" story-telling photojournalism. His images struck a chord with the public because they are more than narratives or illustrations alone -- they are also creative works of great originality.

Bodine was one of the best-known and most successful participants in the photographic salons (juried competitions) popular around the world during most of the 20th century. In 1961, he submitted this high-gloss, high-contrast exhibition print to the Rochester International Salon of Photography and to the Chicago International Exhibition of Photography. This image was also sent to exhibits in Seattle; Teaneck, New Jersey; and Alba, Italy.

A. Aubrey Bodine specialized in photographing the scenes and people of the Chesapeake Bay region, although the exact location of this scene is not known. His daughter Jennifer notes,"My guess would be that it is located somewhere in Baltimore... but if he drove down a highway anywhere and saw an image he liked, he would pull over to the side of the road and haul out his gear. Travels with Daddy could always bring the unexpected."

It is just that spirit of serendipity that makes A. Aubrey Bodine's work such a delight.

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Gift of Ross J. Becker (1957-2001)
Copyright © 2001 The American Photography Museum, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photograph by A. Aubrey Bodine Copyright © 2001 Jennifer Bodine. All Rights Reserved.